Glucophones: music and spacecraft


This tool comes from the 2000s, the first videos with it appeared in the mid-10s. It was introduced to the public by Felle Vega, a famous musician playing unusual and rare instruments, as well as their creator.

The names of this invention are many, among them:

tank-drum ( tank drum);
hang drum;
steel-tongue-drum (steel-tong-drum).

Simply put, this is a steel petal drum, which refers to idiophones. The creators of this miracle were inspired by ancient metal drums (such as gongs). As a result, a “flying saucer” was born with a rich sound variety. The sounds of this instrument resemble the melody of a babbling brook, the music of spheres, the chime of bells or the singing of a nightingale. Although these epithets do not fully convey all the charm of sound.

Glucophones have several “tonal areas” that sound differently. “Petals” (as these work areas were called) can be of various shapes: triangular, round, trapezoidal, and even square. The instrument sits on the musician’s lap and begins to “sing” as it is struck with the fingertips, with the whole palm or sticks. A resonating hole is provided below, which can also be played. Who produces glucophones, and who plays them? The first copies were made of gas cylinders. Modern manufacturers do not disclose their secrets, but masters say that you can do it yourself. These developers deserves special attention. On our portal MUZYKANT.ukr, in the media section (Music Expert), you can read an interview with the co-founder of the brand.

Before you buy a glucophone, pay attention to the various dimensions. The diameter can be from 22 to 60 cm. The number of zones will increase with the size of the tool. The minimum set is 8 workspaces. The maximum number is 16. Almost everyone can learn to play the glucophone. Gender, age and experience in music do not matter. The petal drum is so melodic that it will sing even in the hands of an amateur. With it, you can develop a sense of rhythm and ear for music even for someone who had never before held other instruments in his hands.

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